Great Quality From Small Things

We are big thinkers and creative minds that seek for amazing products

Founded in 2010, Hong Ha Tri Viet Joint Stock Company (HHTV,. JSC) operates in the field of information technology including technology products and services. We are always aiming for perfection in every detail of our product. For over 10 year of experience in designing, building and deploying information technology systems, we are confident of our ability to provide you with the precise and economical solutions as required by each customer

Question. Design. Develop.

We create thoughtful, compelling experiences by starting every project with questions. Our process leads to evocative design and excellent product.

We are what we built. Therefore, we put great effort to our products so that they can tell who we really are. Seeking global standardization and world-class quality is our philosophy.

Culture. Activities. Action.

At HHTV, we encourage people to live at their fulliness: work hard, play hard. We favor ability over experience, thus we don't stop but always push forward, together.

All members can ask question directly and equally to their execs without limitation. Our office is designed for everyday stand-up meetings so that team works are levelled up and individuals are heard.

Working With Us

We value quality over quantity and smart work over hard work. Our teams are always thirsty for passionate techies and creative people to come on board and build awesome products.